Ayurveda-  “whole- body” healing system, harmony and self- awareness.

What are the Roots of Anxiety and Depression?


  • How to Counteract the Adverse Effects of the Changing Seasons and Gain the Benefit of Being in Harmony with Nature.
  • Why Do We Misuse our Senses?
    Strenuous Physical Work
    Misuse of The Intellect
    Over Talking, Over Thinking, Over Doing
    Dwelling on Negativity, Overreacting
    Excess Sexual Activity
    Too much TV, Cell Phones, Computers
  • Women’s Health, Fertility and Happiness
  • Heart Opening and Cleansing Ceremony
  • How to Find Peace and Inner Happiness within Yourself?
  • How to Maintain Conscious in the Uncertain Times?
  • Mindfulness.
  • Doshas and Imbalances – Understand Your Basic Qualities, Tendencies and Needs.
  • How the Food We Eat Affects Us?
  • Safe Cleanse Based on Natural Medicine, Ancient Practices and Invigorating Exercices
  • Ayurvedic Treatments for Face and Body Skin
  • Yoga
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