Ayurvedic Pulse diagnostic(45 min)

Pulse diagnosis allows one to retrieve detailed information about the internal functioning of the body and its organs through signals present in the radial pulse.


    • Identification of the root cause of health issues.
    • Consultation on diet and the food that fits the patient’s constitution.
    • Recommendation on preferred lifestyle for patient’s type of Dosha.
    • Personally designed Ayurvedic detox program that removes years of accumulated toxins.
    • Restoration of a sense of calm to the mind and the nervous system.
    • Clarity and grounding in the mental, spiritual, and emotional natures.
    • Improved sense of energy and vitality.

Ayurveda horoscope(1 hour)

Ayurveda Horoscope is a tool for self-knowledge and understanding the connection to our celestial and earthly environment. It offers us a guide to a better understanding of our physical, emotional, spiritual and monetary experiences.


    • Providing insights on personal dharma and revealing innate gifts and challenges.
    • Identifying previous life karma to justify the event happening in your current life.
    • Better understanding of relationships with family, friends, and life partners to ease and relieve stress and emotional swings. 

Ayurveda Detox Program(1 hour)

During the initial consultation with our Ayurveda experts, treatment plan is individually designed to address the current state of an individual’s health. Our authentic Ayurvedic treatments work together synergistically and remove years of accumulated toxins while bringing balance to the body, potentially adding years to life.


    • Very practical and easily applicable tips on how to perform safe cleanse based on natural medicine and ancient practices such as
      Yoga, Ayurveda, meditation, treatments and more.
    • How to adjust your diet and lifestyle to suit your wellbeing, and easy cleansing recipes.
    • Active breathing for cleanse and vitality
    • Invigorating exercises that boost metabolism in seconds
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