Rudrabhishekam is an ancient chanting which was downloaded from the Akasha (space). When the ancient sages sat in meditation, they heard these sounds and started transferring to other people what they heard.


  • It helps to vanish the negativity from life and helps to bring happiness and success in one’s life.
  • It helps to stay in a healthy mind and good spirit.
  • It also removes the problems prevailing for a long time.
  • It washes off one’s sins and afflictions.
  • It helps in bringing peace and happiness along with family togetherness.

Shiv Puja

Shiva Puja in Hinduism is the way by which one worships Lord Siva through traditional and ancient rites with the use of: mantra tantra, yantra, kriyas, mudras, and abhishekam.


    • positivity at your surroundings,
    • removal of planetary Doshas
    • cure of negative karmas
    • remedial solution to chronic health disorders, apart from attaining the grace of Lord Shiva

Lakshmi Puja

Lakshmi symbolises wealth and prosperity, and her blessings are invoked for a good year ahead.


    • Resolves all financial issues.
    • Removes all obstacles and hurdles related to career and business.
    • Helps you achieve success in all ventures of life.
    • This puja gives you power, success and prosperity.
    • Lakshmi Puja also blesses you with beauty and intelligence.

Navagraha Shanti Puja

What is Navagraha? Positions and movements of stars, planets, sun and moon at the time of birth profoundly influence a person’s life in the science of planets. 9 most influential forces (Navagraha) that influence lives are the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu.


    • It is performed to reduce the negative effects of malefic planets and establish peace in life.
    • Time tested tantric ritual that enables a person to attain good health, education, knowledge, wealth, domestic peace, prosperity
    • The ritual has the great and esoteric power to nullify or eliminate all flaws or doshas present in the birth horoscope.

Gayatri Puja

This chant is the essence of the Vedas and it sharpens knowledge-yielding facility. This is a great prayer for nourishment, protection and finally liberation. The special feature of Gayatri mantra is that it is beyond religion, caste or creed and can be chanted by all sections of people.


    • The Gayatri Mantra heals physically, mentally and emotionally.
    •  It cleanses the subtle karmas,
    • Gives protection against negative forces or energy thereby creating a positive atmosphere
    •  bestows spiritual awakening or self realisation.

Yagya - A Holy Fire Ritual

Vedic yagyas (other name yajna, yagna) are performed to create positive effects and avoid unwanted effects in the different areas of life of individuals and nations and to have the best possible nature support. We use the vedic word because yagyas are based on the knowledge of the ancient saints of vedic tradition. Yagnas, yajnas are performed through the recitation of sound or vedic mantras to reach certain of result. This is vedic music, vedic vibration.


  • the vedic health, wealth, harmony and evolution. Yagya is the prayer of mother nature and the planets, which has very big influence in life, such as 
  • wealth, health, happiness, love, peace, success and harmony. It is the most famous ritual for cleaning our karmas.
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